Packing for Travel

When packing for a trip, make a list of essential items that you will need to take to avoid bringing unnecessary baggage.
5 Simple Packing Tips for a short trip:

1st: Make sure that your luggage is the adequate size for your flight or road trip
2nd: Try on your options before packing them to avoid packing extra outfits
3rd: To top it off, take a shopping bag to separate shoes and accessories
4th: Use any other compartments for socks, undergarments, travel size health/beauty products, or any other needed items
5th: Take a few zip-lock bags (of different sizes) to avoid unfriendly spills or use them for extra storage.

Dress for Success

 Have a special event during the week or for a weekend getaway? Use a laundry bag as a quick solution to keep your pressed outfit neat and clean.