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There is a solution for any organizing challenge in life. That solution is here for you at SYM. All you have to do is Sort Your Mind by Organizing! I am inspired with the vision to work in this field and to work with you to get to a state of peace by organizing your life. Thank God I also overcame clutter at one point in my life during a stress-provoking time. Now I am committed to helping you find the hope and reassurance I gained with getting organized; No matter what ‘Organizing Storms’ you may face. Simply Sort Your Mind by Organizing!

Giselle Shea
​Owner | Organizer | MHC Intern

About the Owner

S.Y.M. Organizing, Inc. was founded in October 2011 by Professional Organizer Giselle Shea, Mental Heath and Organizing Professional. Her focus is to help clients maintain a structured life by assisting them with their cluttered space and mind. Disorganization causes stress on a regular basis but can be managed by training the way you think about Organizing. Once these troubled areas are addressed and conquered, its is anticipated that SYM clients will feel more at ease with their routines. Clients will then be able to maintain new habits formed during their COPE Plan and project completion.

Organizing Services are available to Residential, Corporate, & Virtual Clients.

Finding SYM

The office is currently Based in New York however, service to clients is available all throughout the USA; 7 days a week by appointment or on an on-call basis. Keep in mind that sessions can be held In-person or Virtually (via video chat or telephone); however in-home visits are highly recommended for optimal results. Virtual assistance is also available internationally.