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What We Do:

SYM Organizing, Inc. provides suggestions for clients to try the affiliated service providers and product vendors. Service providers and product vendors range from certified self-employed affiliates to independent business owners; all of who are reputable. Once affiliated, the service provider or vendor’s information will be uploaded onto the website at the discretion of potential consumers as well aa for any willing SYM Clients.

What Won’t Do:

SYM Organizing, Inc. will not suggest products or services with whom they have not been affiliated with or who we have not tried for ourselves . All must reflect good business conduct and respect to the rights of the consumers. By no means will SYM Clients ever be obligated to make any type of additional purchases before, during, or after their SYM Sessions. SYM Organizing, Inc. and Life Organizing Coaches are not to be held liable for the misuse of any offers available at our shop.

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