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SYM Organizing, Inc. values the feedback from in-person and virtual clients; as well as seminar guests. Therefore we have featured some success stories as a result to several completed projects and events. More information and reviews from specific projects are available to perspective clients upon request.

SYM helps you organize your living space, which helps give you a piece of mind. SYM helps you get to a starting point that seems impossible and stay with you to a finished goal that leaves you feeling amazing. ​-Jameela Palmer, Personal Assistant


“Very helpful and I got rid of a decent amount of stuff in a very short amount of time. Thank you.” -Emmanuela, NYC Area

NYC Area

“With Giselle’s encouragement, organizing, and packing skills, I have moved through some of my possessions and filled a 10x8 shed. These items were donated, tossed, or sold at a garage sale. Her calm an knowledgeable demeanor has helped me focused and excited about downsizing for my daughter and I’s benefit. We do work and have fun too. “ - Jean, Retired Social Worker

Social Worker

​“Fue una experiencia sensacional cuando vi el resultado el antes y el después fue como Waooo sin palabras, magnífico trabajo espectacular.” Translation: ”It was a sensational experience when I saw the before and after. I was like wow and speechless. It was a magnificent and spectacular job.” ​-Marilyn M. , Stay At Home Mom

Upstate New York Designation

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