Photos of assets ​for insurance

Traveling or shipping internationally? You may want to insure and photograph some of your valuables such as your antiques, air looms, furniture, electronics, fragile items, and other valuables.

Quality Packing

Besides making sure you are covered against any damages or theft, you will also want to make sure that your items are packed logically and secured. Safe packing can avoid extra costs in replacing damaged or spilled items. Smart packing can also save you time in looking for things when packed and when unpacking. Hire a team of professionals when necessary; such as a Life Organizing Coach and a Moving Crew. Have the proper materials handy such as tape, labels, sharpies, box cutter, work gloves, etc.

Labeling & Inventory

Use an alphabetic or numeric symbol that represents where each box will go when it arrives. Label your boxes clearly and consistent to your master list. Save several copies of your master list and take one with your travel documents so that your know what is in each box when you’re ready to unpack.

Traveling mercies

Whether you’re going near or far, SYM can get you there in an orderly fashion! Lack of preparation can be costly. So let SYM help!