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Purging  the Clutter

A good way to eliminate your clutter is to work on small area of your space each day or every other day. Set a few goals for the month and tackle them as you go. Set up stations, bins, or bags that designate what you will do with the items you no long want or need. Examples: Things to “Keep,” “Donate,” “Giveaway,” “Store,” “Trash,” “Recycle,” “Sell,” etc.

 Sort Your Storage

Have fun with any storage by creating your own labels. Try reusable labels or pictures that you can change if you need the container for something else. Use the right size and type of containers for  specific items in your space. Also match the color schemes of your storage in ways that give meaning to what’s inside. These tips and more will to give your bins, cabinets, totes, or drawers a whole

Sort Your Files & Documents

Be sure that your file system works for you. As long as you can find that document you’ve been looking for on demand, then you will know you’re on the right path. Use tabs that won’t fall off and that make sense as you are looking for that bill or letter.

Sort Your Basement or Attic

Knowing what your needs, wants, or hobbies are will determine how you could make the best use of your storage space. Try sorting items by categories such as ‘Seasonal,’ ‘Collectables,’ ‘Memories,’ etc, you will find more time to enjoy these transitional moments with out the head-ache of putting them away or retrieving the items you need.

Sort Your Home For A Move or Sale

Create an environment that would still give that homey and welcoming feeling to the new homeowners. Hire an organizer and cleaning crew to make your home presentable. Avoid packing items that you will need during your transition; however, keep these items out of sight during your open house events. You can also have a yard sale so that the clutter does not go with you to your new home.

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